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Glasgow Farm
Home of
Dr. Judy Tubman &

Kent Veterinary Center

Welcome to Glasgow Farm, a luxurious retirement home for horses in search of unlimited turnout and big, airy stalls with interior and exterior Dutch doors designed for optimum hanging out. And yes, fans are included.

This 100-acre farm is located on the eastern shore of Maryland, where the climate is temperate and the livin’ is easy. Glasgow is a high-quality, all-inclusive retirement operation run by Dr. Judy Tubman, whose state-of-the-art clinic—Kent Veterinary Center—is conveniently located on the farm. Dr. Tubman lives there as well, making this a 24-7 eyes-on facility for both retirees and patients.

Glasgow is a boutique horse facility, offering twenty-seven retirement stalls, some 12’X13’ and some as big as 12‘X16’. There are a half-dozen 5- to 10-acre fields for social retirees and eight 1-acre paddocks for those who prefer alone time.

Unlike other retirement barns in the Northeast, Glasgow Farm does not treat its tenants as part of an assembly line. Instead, each horse’s unique nutritional and medical needs are assessed on arrival and adjusted as necessary throughout his or her stay. Retirees with special needs are housed in the “upper” barn, contiguous to the clinic, where they are assessed and stabilized by Dr. Tubman and her staff of professional caretakers.


All this at no additional cost! Also included in the monthly board are nutritional consults with Dr. Tubman which assist in the development of a customized feed program, including hay and Buckeye Nutrition. We take great care in the bathing and grooming of our horses, not just knocking off. In addition to our medical administration, we provide stall mucking and blanket changing. 


And here’s the kicker. Part of the staff’s meticulous grounds maintenance includes the removal of manure from the paddocks, fields and sheds. Every day! This routine mucking decreases the fly and parasite infestation that can be bothersome in turnout.

Nothing at Glasgow is too good for your horse!

Why Glasgow Farm?

1. Dr. Tubman resides on the farm and oversees the daily care, nutrition, health and medical needs  of all the boarders. Medical care is not included in board.

2With Dr. Tubman on the farm you will recieve no farm call fee for routine care. Holding fees for the veterinarian, farrier, dentistry care and vaccinations are all included in your monthly board. 

3. Nutrional consults with Dr. Tubman and our Buckeye nutritionalists are free for all boarders. Customized feeding programs are created for each boarder by taking into consideration their dental health and metabolic issues. Hay and Buckeye ration balancer feed are included in your monthly board.

4. Automatic waters are provided in every fieldSheds are large and airy with windows.  

5. All manure is removed daily from the paddocks, fields and sheds. This greatly decreases the fly and parasite burden.

6. In the case of a medical emergency, i.e. colic surgery, Dr. Tubman is insured to ship your horse to the surgical facility at University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center for treatment. Transportation Fee and any medical care provided by New Bolton is not included in board.

7. Grooming, bathing, medication  administration, and blanket changing are all included in monthly board. Blankets, fly masks, fly spray and shampoo are not provided by Glasgow Farm. We will have blankets cleaned or repaired at the owners expense. Clipping is not included in board.

8. The staff here at Glasgow Farm love to share picture and video updates to the owners so they can see their horse routinely and have regular glimpses into their daily lives.

9. Foals are handled and examined daily. Halters are put on within 24-48 hours of birth. Foals are taught to lead quietly with the mare to and from the field. 

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